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Deleted User eae03899

Zercono, the last bot you'll ever need for your server

 Prefix z!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by spacebar24#0, Deleted User a92688c3#2798, claytontdm#0

 In 36 Servers

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What does Zecono Have?

dashboard Coming Soon

- Powerful Moderation with timeouts - awesome developers which read feedback every single day, and love to help. - Tickets - ADMIN STUFF Enable stuff like welcome message, automod, reaction roles, and even set MAX warnings a user can get. - Economy - Automod - Fun Commands - Giveaway commands! - Image commands! -Moderation - SOCIAL COMMANDS -Statistics - Servers Stats,


WARNING: IF you encounter a bug, please report it to our developers in our suppport server. We'll fix it as fast as we can.
NOTE: Bot is proven to be 100% Safe, no hacks, nukes, etc.