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This bot has heaps of fun commands, moderation commands! The bots prefix is customizable through a c

 Prefix ??

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by mystic.xyz#0

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A multi-purpose discord bot

  • This bot was coded using JavaScript (Discord.js v12)
  • If you want to report a bug / ask a question, make sure to join the bots support server!
  • The bots default prefix is ?? but the prefix can be changed through a command.
  • This bot has heaps of commands to use!
  • If you want to be able to level up using this bot, just use ??enablelevel
  • For more help, do ??help Commands:
  • Here are all of the available command categories, for more help, do ??help Fun 8ball, ascii, avatar, base64, binary, chair.exe, clap, coinflip, emoji, emojify, hack, howgay, hug, invite, joke, lyrics, meme, pat, ping, reverse, roledice, rps, say, serverinvite, webhook, wink Moderation addrole, announce, ban, clear, createrole, dm, editsuggestion, create, hackban, kick, lock, mute, removerole, tempmute, unban, unmute, vote, warn, warns Config antiswear, autoresponse, disablemute, disablelevel, disablelvlch, disablewelchannel, disablewelimg, disableweltxt, enablelevel, enablewelimg, leavechannel, leavemsg, levelchannel, memberrole, resetwarns, setlogs, setmute, setprefix, unantiswear, disablelogs, welchannel, welmsg Economy bal, beg, rank Info botinfo, botlists, calculate, canvacord, cat-fact, changelogs, channelinfo, corona, discordjs, discrim, dog-fact, emojiinfo, fox-fact, help, roleinfo, serverinfo, servers, settings, snipe, stats, uptime, urban, user, userinfo, ytstats Developer botupdate, eval, exec, joinvc, leavevc, reload, restart, setbanner Animals cat, dog, fox, red-panda Image changemymind, clyde, delete, enlarge, gay, trash, trigger, wasted, ytcomment