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Moderation, protection, music, economy and more! XetroV the revolutionnary Discord bot.

 Prefix x!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by Deleted User 301f856f#6922

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🤖 XetroV

XetroV, is a revolutionary discord bot which has multifunction capable of correctly managing a server!

Here are some features that has:

-> Moderation: It has several simple and effective commands in order to properly administer a server.

-> Utility: It also contains some useful commands that are very easy to use.

-> Giveaways: You can also launch giveaways with the bot.

🎲 Fun: To entertain the community, the bot has several fun controls, games etc.

-> In order to protect your server, the bot has administrative anti-raid commands which are very easy to use.

And more!