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Veld is a better bot for your server which has cool features like Spotify/SoundCloud/Youtube player, Youtube together, Custom Commands, etc.

 Prefix ?

 Status online

 Library Aoi.js

 Made by EvilCat#1190

 In 62 Servers

 Votes 577

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Veld is a better and cooler bot for your server which has a cool Music Player, and a web dashboard to come soon!

What can it do?

Play music from Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube with music filter, Auto-Moderate your server, Play YouTube videos directly on discord, and much more!

Why invite Veld?

Veld stays online 24/7 and only goes offline for updates. Veld has the lowest ping so it responds real fast!


There is no premium for Veld yet.

So What are you waiting for, Invite Veld to your cool server Now!

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Creator: @EvilCat#1190 [Owner]