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A do it all bot utility, logging, and random commands!

 Prefix d!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by TylerCodes#0001, Jack Glenn#0806

 In 110 Servers

 Votes 53

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Digibot is an multi-purpose bot! Digibot can do loads of things, ranging from moderation, to fun, to utility commands!


One main category of Digibot is its utility commands. These are very helpful commands that can do things as simple as, writing a note down, to things like repeating reminders! Use the notepad command to write down notes for yourself later, and you can write multiple notes, so you can separate your To-do list from other notes like a shopping list! Use reminders, to set up a time when Digibot will dm you, or ping you with a reminder that you have set! You can even use repeating reminders to set a reminder for every, let's say, 6 hours!


Another useful category that Digibot has, is its helpful logging! Using Digibot's logs, see when a user updates their profile, when a user deletes a message, and even when changes are made to the server! Using these logs, they can help you out with moderation. Use the logs to see deleted messages that could break the rules and edited messages. You can also use these logs to see who joined voice channels and who left voice channels! This information can help moderation in many situations, hence why it's so useful!


One more fun category is Digibot's music! Use these commands to join a voice channel, and play high quality music! Search all of youtube using the play command, and see information about current song with the nowplaying command! When someone tries to skip and others are in the voice channel, the bot initiates a vote, so trolls can't join and make your listening experience bad! With other commands like seek, queue, and volume, use Digibot for great control over high quality music.