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Flan#6426 Avatar


A bot made for giveaways purposes! Create giveaways anywhere and anytime for your server!

 Prefix f!

 Status online

 Library none

 Made by Relly#5365

 In 14 Servers

 Votes 501

 Support ServerJoin

Flan creates giveaways for your server to manage and give out! Manage and hold all giveaways anywhere and anytime!

Help - f!help

Serving all giveaways all-in-one-time.

f!giveaway {Timer} {Winner Count} {Prize Name} - Start a Giveaway!

f!reroll {Giveaway Message ID} - Re-roll a giveaway

f!edit {Giveaway Message ID} {New Timer} {New Winner Count} {New Prize Name} - Edit a giveaway

f!delete {Giveaway Message ID} - Delete a giveaway