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§peem Music, Plays many Music as you want, You can invite him to your server, A lot of commands

 Prefix s!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by _omr.#0

 In 5 Servers

 Votes 0

§peem Music for better music and awsome quality invite him for better music

s!help Display all commands and descriptions | Aliases: (h)

s!invite Send bot invite link | Aliases: ()

s!loop Toggle music loop | Aliases: (l)

s!lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song | Aliases: (ly)

s!move Move songs around in the queue | Aliases: (mv)

s!np Show now playing song | Aliases: ()

s!pause Pause the currently playing music | Aliases: ()

s!ping Show the bot's average ping | Aliases: ()

s!play Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud | Aliases: (p)

s!playlist Play a playlist from youtube | Aliases: (pl)

s!queue Show the music queue and now playing. | Aliases: (q)

s!remove Remove song from the queue | Aliases: (rm)

s!resume Resume currently playing music | Aliases: (r)

s!search Search and select videos to play | Aliases: ()

s!shuffle Shuffle queue | Aliases: ()

s!skip Skip the currently playing song | Aliases: (s)

s!skipto Skip to the selected queue number | Aliases: (so)

s!stop Stops the music | Aliases: (st)

s!uptime Check the uptime | Aliases: (u)

s!volume Change volume of currently playing music | Aliases: (v)