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Exile bot is a multi-purpose bot for all your needs it comes with the commands + utility's to get your se

 Prefix ex!

 Status online

 Library Discord.py

 Made by Deleted User ac1e7646#7296, Mr Rin#2313

 In 69 Servers

 Votes 0

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Exile bot is a mutli-purpose bot for all your needs it comes with the commands + utility’s to get your server going

The prefix is ex! It is owned by elite development | Mr Rin + Caz Here are a few of its commands

ex!help ex!botinfo ex!invite ex!users ex!servers ex!whois

We hope you enjoy using the bot as it supports us when you add it we are a group of young devs looking to grow by using discord as a secondary platform

Some Things We Have Are

‣ Really Good Support

‣ Good Information Commands

‣ Good Embeds

‣ Not Alot Of BRanding

‣ Report/Suggest System

‣ A good variety of informative commands

‣ Good Safe, And Secure Admin Only Commands

Thanks For Reading

Elite Devs