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Taze is a multi purpose bot that can be used in many ways. Taze is created in discord.js a very powerful

 Prefix t!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by Omgitisashir#6699

 In 9 Servers

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What is Taze

Taze is a multi purpose bot it is a publice release. it has alot of command one of the famouse command is t!coinflip


  1. omgitisashir#6699 :- owner
  2. SuperPhantomUser#0441 :- Head Dev
  3. ThatsLiamS#6950:- Junior Dev


Our team is working very hard to make this bot fun as possible , and one day we might be verified 😊


  1. Moderation t!ban ,t!unban, t!kick , t!sm or t!slowmode , t!clear, t!warn, t!nick, t!whois , t!nuke , t!dm
  2. Fun t!8ball , t!random , t!rps , t!coinflip , t!repeat , t!unscramble , t!timing , t!av , t!changemymind , t!meme
  3. Utilities and support t!serverinfo , t!poll , t!botinfo ,t!gw , t!advice , t!aboutcoinflipper , t!aboutautomod