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Queen Abby#0549 Avatar

Queen Abby

Abby a music bot

 Prefix nb#

 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by ! Sunky ❤#1092

 In 0 Servers

 Votes 64

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Queen Abby
Abby the music bot that will help to encourage your server with its commands
It currently has 22 commands, 12 for music and 10 for information
To begin with
type nb#help or nb#guide to see your commands and their Aliases
Start the music use nb#play or its alias nb#p put a URL of the music or type it and it will join the channel
When Abby is finished with the music she will leave the channel
Abby Supports Youtube, Spotify y Soundcloud
We have 24/7 server support for your questions
Invite Abby what you expect to incentivize your server with her