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A simple discord bot with simple and more useful functions such as: Administration, Music, Fun, Utilities

 Prefix ?

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by Deleted User d68801a0#3938

 In 57 Servers

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🇺🇸 [Attention]: The bot was produced in the Brazilian language. (US)

🇧🇷 [Atenção]: O bot foi produzido na linguagem Brasileira. (BR)

A simple discord bot with simple and more useful functions such as: Administration, Music, Fun, Utilities, Economy and much more.

My prefix: ?

🇺🇸 Translated into English:

-=-= Main commands =-=-

🦄 << Moderation >>

?Addemoji: Send an emoji to your server.

?Anunciar: Send an announcement to the server.

?Ban: Make a user permanently from the server.

?Clear: Erase all unnecessary messages.

?Config-Autorole: Configure the automatic job system.

?Config-Entrada: Configure the input system.

?Config-Invite: Bloqueie o convite para discordar de outros servidores.

?Config-Prison: Configure the prison system.

?Config-Raid: Block emoji raids on channels.

?Config-Saída: Configure the output system.

?Config-Sugestao: Set up the suggestion channel.

?Embed: Embed the channel.

?Jail: Attach a user.

?Kick: Expel a user from the server.

?Lock: Lock a channel so no one can write.

?Say: Make me say something!

?Unlolck: Unlock a channel so everyone can write again.

?Warn: Alert someone who has violated a directive from your server.

💸 << Economy >>

?Apostar: Bet your money, but be careful not to lose everything!

?Daily: Get nightmares daily and become a millionaire!

?Pay: Send someone nightmares.

?Pesadelos: See your or other people's nightmares.

🎵 << Music >>

?Play: Plays audio from Youtube or Soundcloud.

?Pause: Pauses the playing music.

?Playlist: Plays a youtube playlist.

?Queue: Shows all the songs in the queue.

?Skip: Skips the current song.

?Skipto: Jump to a certain position in the queue. ?Stop: Stop playlist playback.

?Volume: Change the volume of the current song. Among other functions of songs not mentioned...

🌟 << Utilities >>

?Ajuda: See the commands from me.

?Ascii: Talk like a hacker!

?Avatar: See your or other users' icon.

?Botinfo: Shows all my information.

?Ping: See the ping from me and the discord API.

?Servericon: View and download the server icon.

?Serverinfo: See the server information.

?Sugestão: Submit a suggestion to the current server.

🌎 << Fun >>

?Abraçar: Open up someone to warm up!

?Beijar: Kiss someone, the one you like best!

?Biscoito: Give a cookie to a friend!

?Coinflip: A simple game of heads or tails.

?Firstword: The first words of a baby!

?Piadas: Let me tell you a joke to brighten your day.

?Shippar: Shippe a couple, and see the percentage!

?Tapa: Slap the person you hate.

Among many other commands to entertain your server, visit my website and add me to your server to help me :)