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A bot for everyone who is tired of DM- Adverts and Scammers! ThePunisher will ban all of them in advance to protect your community!

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 Made by jjkali#5121

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How will ThePunisher help you?

With our newly developed system, we review and ban Bot- Members, DM- Advertisers, and Scammers from all the communities using the bot. On our central server, users can report them and get a reward for doing so. Every report is then carefully reviewed by our staff, to prevent any abuse of the system. This is how we envision creating a friendlier community.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join our support server.

How can I report?

To report a scam/dm-advert, solely post a picture of the chat and the scammer's/dm-advertiser's userID in the same message on any channel on this server!


.info - see statistics and the user number
.support - get help with the bot
.vote - gives you a link to vote for the bot on top.gg

----- Bot - Team only -----

.list - display unreviewed message
.view - display embed message
.ban - ban user id from server
.wipe - ban user id (all server)
.unwipe - unban user id (all server)

How to get in touch with us?

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