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Venal Bot

Our Bot Specifically is Designed For Musics And Songs And Ultra Quality Sound

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 Made by ! x91xv#5556

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Venal Bot

Command List

Help Command Description
+help To show all commands
General Command Description
+invite To add/invite the bot to your server
+server info server
+user Show User In Server
+system time It shows for how much Hours Venal Bot is playing songs
+avatar Show user avatar
Music Commands Description
+Play & +p To play songs :D.
+search & +sc To search songs :D
+Stop To stop the music and clearing the queue.
+Skip & +s To skip the current music.
+queue & +q To show the server songs queue.
+pause & +pau To pause the current music in the server.
+resumes & +res To resume the paused music.
+volume & +v To change the server song queue volume
+loop & +l Toggle music loop
+nowplaying & +np To show the music which is currently playing in this server
+leave & +dis Leave The Voice Channel!
+lyrics & +ly Get lyrics for the currently playing song
+playlist & +pl Show To play songs :D
+remove & +rm Remove song from the queue
+shuffle & +sh Shuffle queue
+skipto & +sk Skip to the selected queue number
+live Use +live <#channel-id> To Go Live With Friends With Ultra Quality Note : This Future Is Only Available On Our Bot This Future Only Can Be Used On PC ( Personal Computer ) And Laptop Unfortunately Mobiles Can't Use That Future ( With Regards )