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Socialcord is a bot allowing you to check profile statistics on your favourite social media platforms!

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 Made by Nikola Tesla#5222

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Hello! Have you ever wanted to easily show your friends your social media profiles? SocialCord is a Discord bot written in Python that helps users stay up to date on their own or their favourite creators' social media profiles! We currently support TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and many other profiles that display useful statistics such as follower and post count. If you wish to invite SocialCord to your server and get started, feel free to try the below commands:

Here's an example!

Here's an example!

Here's an example!

SocialCord shows a lot of in-detail information about the account, such as: pronouns, the userid and whether it's verified or not! This is good because it allows you to lookup you or somebody else's instagram profile whilst talking to your friends! Unlike other paid bots which utilize the same lookup feature as SocialCord, our bot is 100% free to use with 98% uptime! We are continuously working to improve the bot so feel free to suggest new platforms or statistics to add!

To get started with SocialCord, simply type s>info or ping the bot and type info. It will give you a basic rundown of what the bot is. Additionally, it shows and answers some frequently asked questions about the bot from current users. This allows you to become more understanding and familiar with the bot!

We hope you have great fun and this bot becomes very useful to you!

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