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Veral Now

Veral Now is especially designed for music and it have ultra sound quality.

 Prefix *

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 Library discord.js

 Made by DiaBlo#7440

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Veral Now

Music Commands

*help : To show all commands.

*invite : To add/invite the bot to your server.

*leave : Leave The Voice Channel!.

*loop : Toggle music loop.

*lyrics : Get lyrics for the currently playing song.

*nowplaying : To show the music which is currently playing in this server.

*pause : To pause the current music in the server.

*play : To play songs :D.

*playlist : To play songs :D.

*queue : To show the server songs queue.

*remove : Remove song from the queue.

*resume : To resume the paused music.

*search : To search songs :D.

*shuffle : Shuffle queue.

*skip : To skip the current music.

*skipto : Skip to the selected queue number.

*stop : To stop the music and clearing the queue.

*volume : To change the server song queue volume.

*Live : you can use V.live <#channel-id> to start youtube together with full quality