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Deleted User 400b2529

Kala is a powerful bot for managing giveaways with great greet system and moderation system for easy use!

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 Library discord.py

 Made by Deleted User 85d3b6a8#3177

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• Prefix for this server is , • Type ,help for more info.:

・BOT INFO ,botinfo ・MODERATION ,warn ,hide ,nuke ,gstart ,autostatus ,greet ,lock ,mute ,warn ,kick ,ban ,clear ,serverinfo ,whois ,role ,8ball ,hack ,gif ,ping ,reactrole ・ECONOMY ,balance ,beg ,bet ,daily ,share ・INVITES ,top ,invites ,restinvites all ,joinchannel ,removejoinchannel ・MUSIC ,play ,queue ,now ,remove [number] ,loop ,skip ,volume ,disconnect ,shuffle