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Universal is a multi-purpose bot covering all types of commands like moderation, music e.t.c!

 Prefix u!

 Status online

 Library none

 Made by Aaren#1111

 In 38 Servers

 Votes 550

Universal is a multi-purpose bot trying to bring something for someone. We have commands in different categories like moderation, music, information, fun and utility commands that all members can use.

⚒️ Moderation commands

  • Commands like ban, kick. slowmode, embed, say and many more come under this category. It can only be used by administrator or moderators.

🎈 Fun commands

  • This category has commands that is used to have fun. It includes commands like memes, 8ball, howlong, youtube-together, ship, tweet and much more come under this category.

🎵 Music Commands

  • Music commands are in BETA right now. It includes all the basic music commands like play, pause, resume, skip, now-playing, lyrics E.T.C

🌐 Information commands

  • These commands provide certain information about the search query. It includes commands like wikipedia, anime, manga, discord-docs and much more!

👤 Regular commands

  • Commands here can be used by anyone. It includes commands like covid information, server icon, serverinfo, userinfo, botinfo, avatar, translate and weather.

We are sure you will find something for yourself in this bot.