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Bumper bot is a bump bot that can bring you members

 Prefix B!

 Status idle

 Library discord.py

 Made by Saad ✯#8888

 In 241 Servers

 Votes 532

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Hi ! My bot (bumper) is a bump bot easy to use and easy to setup. You can setup your discord server by using b!setup command and you'll be able to setup your invite and your bump channel. If you didn't setup these 2 things you cannot bump your server. You can setup the bump-channel or invite by using b!setup channel And b!setup invite


  • bump your server every 60 minutes
  • Fast and super easy
  • trusted by many servers
  • Premium guilds have so many features.


    Bumper has 6 commands. The commands are :
  • b!setup
  • b!setup channel
  • b!setup invite
  • b!botinfo
  • b!invite

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