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Talk with me

Record any conversation between you and your clients/friends and share them.

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We have implemented a feature to be able to record a chat between you & your friends/clients with their confirmations, Everything is recorded attachments, mentions, emojis, Ability to share the chat with other people through the site.



Chat Recorder is not going to collect/record any of your messages without your confirmation, You will be asked if someone wants to record your messages in a certain channel in the server, by accepting to be recorded every message you will send in the channel will be recorded till the author end recording, record command can be run by server managers only to avoid abuse for the guild members or chat recorder developers.



After stopping recording in the channel, the bot will generate a transcript channel link where all your recorded messages are at, the ability to share them with your friends/work/clients, transcripts have everything you have included in the record between you & participators.


How to use

1. Use command /record, slash command

2. Paste users ids copy from the profile, right-click on discord profile

3. Wait for their confirmation if they want to participate or not