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Emerald Music

A advanced music discord bot to fullfill all your server's music needs

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 Library discord.js

 Made by Abhinavᴰᴱⱽ#8497

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┏╋━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━━╋┓ ════ ✦ Emerald Music ✦ ════ ┗╋━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━━╋┛

A music discord bot with buttons and best music quality! No voice stopage and up to date features

๑‧˚₊Already giving services to 100k Customers 🎉 ๑‧˚₊ No voice lag and tons of filters and features 🎉 ๑‧˚₊ Tons of features, Has 24/7 system, Dj system and Settings to set the bot up according to how you want! 🎊

・୨୧ New changes daily!

ʚ 24/7 Support to face your problems for you!

・゚𝄞 Awesome Perks for Premium users! 🍹

❥ Clear voice and Premium added! 𓏲 𑁯

⌇・ SFW bot ⌇・A domating music bot with crystal clear sound ⌇・Open for Partnerships ₊˚ෆ

https://dsc.gg/emerald-music ☽ ・ˊˎ-