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Rika is a discord music bot that is designed to improve your discord experience. Our high-quality music bot support Spotify, YouTube, etc.

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Rika is a Discord music bot designed to enhance your Discord experience. Our high-quality music bot supports Spotify, YouTube, etc. We make sure that Rika can provide you with the best service. So why not give it a try? Rika has 30+ commands, such as play, skip, queue, volume and more!


Use the play command to play your favourite music. Note that you must specify 1 query, either the link to the song or the name of the song. Bonus: You can play music on stage


Specify a number to set the volume for Rika


With the loop command, you can play the song or queue in a loop, so you can listen to your music over and over again


You can select a specific filter to toggle it. There are 15 different modes that you can set. For example: karaoke, 8d, echo, surround, nightcore and more!

There are many commands waiting to be explored by you

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