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Aniz is a bot that generates adorable animal pictures! Get started with /help.

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 Made by Belven#6741

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Aniz - Generates animal pictures

Commands: /bird => Generate a random bird image. /bunny => Generate a random bunny image. /cat => Generate a random cat image. /dog => Generate a random dog image. /duck => Generate a random duck image. /fox => Generate a random fox image. /help => Shows the help panel. /koala => Generate a random koala image. /panda => Generate a random panda image. /red-panda => Generate a random red panda image. /shards => Shows Aniz's shards. /shiba => Generate a random shiba image. /shards => Shows Aniz's shards.

Why choose Aniz?

  1. Generate quickly!
  • Keep on executing the same command just to generate images? Feel tired? No, you don't need to execute again and again, as Aniz has message components! Just click on the button below and boom, another image will be generated!
  1. Various types of images!
  • Our API provides a large number of images! Very less chance you'll generate the same image!
  1. Easy to use!
  • No setup is required! Just use!


Thanks for spending your time reading this! We hope you'll have fun with this bot. Bot made by Belven#6741