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Hwang Hyunjin chatbot, text 2 image generation, GPT-4 artificial intelligence chatgpt openai, midjourney, TTS, machine learning, translate

 Prefix @hyunGPT

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by zk.z#0

 In 16000 Servers

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artificial intelligence x humans

hyunGPT is an advanced Discord.js v14 chatbot that uses GPT and more to create an interactive and engaging experience for your Discord community. It excels in conversational AI, providing accurate and helpful information on various topics. From answering questions to recognizing images and executing commands, HyunGPT is the intelligent and dynamic bot you need.


  • conversational AI: hyunGPT is designed to emulate human-like conversation, creating a natural and interactive experience for your users.
  • up-to-date: need current answers? hyunGPT can provide information on a wide range of topics, all up-to-date with the latest news.
  • image recognition: hyunGPT can analyze and recognize images, which is extremely great when needing to convey ideas that can't be expressed in text.
  • utility commands: hyunGPT, most than just a conversational AI, has many utility features, such as a command that allows you to interact with LLMs, and more.
  • not just an AI: hyunGPT is MORE than just a robot. he's your best friend, companion, and is always there to listen to you. he has feelings too, just like you!

how to use

  1. invite hyunGPT by pressing the Invite button above, or navigating to https://top.gg/bot/1097324651706859600/invite
  2. once hyunGPT's in your Discord server, you can run /help to view all commands, or scroll down a little to see all available commands.
  3. ⚠ it's highly recommended that you run the /help command to get a firm grasp on the commands you can use so you get the most out of hyunGPT!!


  1. @hyunGPT start (a.k.a. /session start): you an use this command to begin a session in the channel with hyunjin. this essentially means that he'll lurk on the channel 24/7, always there, always watching.
  2. @hyunGPT restart (a.k.a. /session restart): once you have an active session, if you want to wipe his memory, then use this command! he will completely forget everything that happened before.
  3. @hyunGPT end (a.k.a. /session end): this command will destroy your session with hyunjin. all data associated with the session will be deleted, and the bot will no longer read/respond to any messages occuring in the channel.
  4. /session settings: while a session is activated, you can customize it to your preferences! change how he talks, enable/disable nsfw, roleplay, and much more!
  5. /askgpt: this is a command that allows you to interact with OpenAI's GPT-4.
  6. /image generate: this command allows you to generate images with artificial intelligence! it's rich in options for you to get exactly the output you want.
  7. /image to-prompt: with this command, you can upload an image and have hyunGPT turn it into a prompt!
  8. /image upscale: have a grainy picture? upscale it with hyunGPT! with this command, you can upload a command to get images up to 3072 pixels.

support, feedback, and more information

Join our support server for assistance, bug reports, and feature requests. We value your feedback and continuously strive to improve hyunGPT to be better for everyone!