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ServerStats Avatar
 In 1960000  Servers
 Votes 601742

Shows off your member, channel, role, emoji, boost, and goal count in your server through the use of channels (also fully customizable).

Reaction Roles Avatar
Reaction Roles
 In 614000  Servers
 Votes 195822

React to a message to get a role! Add as many reaction roles as you want to your message!

counting Avatar
 In 321000  Servers
 Votes 103681

Compete with other servers to count as high as possible.

Wick Avatar
 In 175000  Servers
 Votes 56453

Anti nuke, Anti raid, Anti spam, custom verification, advanced moderation, advanced utility, and a dashboard at your service!

TriviaBot Avatar
 In 131923  Servers
 Votes 44651

TriviaBot is a Trivia/Quiz bot with over 100,000 questions, teams, leaderboards, economy, nitro for monthly global winners, and more!

RinBot Avatar
 In 89600  Servers
 Votes 28560

RinBot / guess the anime / anime quiz / trivia / anime music quiz (AMQ) - a must have for all anime themed servers!

ChillBot Avatar
 In 81500  Servers
 Votes 28368

The biggest Lofi Radio Bot on discord. Live streaming high quality Lofi 24/7

Green-bot Avatar
 In 86200  Servers
 Votes 28315

The only discord music bot you will ever need. 24/7 music, bassboost, and play any song from Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

OcelotBOT Avatar
 In 28935  Servers
 Votes 9893

Dank memes, Games, Trivia, Music streaming, image filters, song guessing, memer generators, image search and hundreds of more!

 Top Servers

Cloud's server Icon
Cloud's server

Short description is not Updated.

Erica Support Icon
Erica Support

Short description is not Updated.

beinglosted’fan club Icon
beinglosted’fan club

Welcome To the Tiger Gamer yt fan club!! Here we talk about Roblox and the youtube channel Tiger gamer yt.

XxMahmoud YT Icon
XxMahmoud YT

Short description is not Updated.

Pokéworld Icon

This server is for Pokémon fans


The server for RDL

Chill Hangout Icon
Chill Hangout

Short description is not Updated.

Furry Friends Icon
Furry Friends

Short description is not Updated.

Server van FiFiex3 Icon
Server van FiFiex3

Short description is not Updated.

Funzie Community Icon
Funzie Community

Short description is not Updated.