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Nezuko Bot

Collect 50,000+ cards • Anime • Manga • Kpop • Webtoon • Vtuber • Genshin • Games • Battles • Gacha • Roleplay Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

 Prefix / OR n.

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 Made by gii#0

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No Waifu, No Laifu
  • Collect all your favorite characters from Anime, Games, and Movies!
    Over 100,000 Cards and over 200 Unique Characters
    Hundreds of new cards are added every single week!
  • Marry your favorite characters
    Interact with them and get affection to unlock rewards
  • Bring Art to Life by Caring for your Waifus and Husbandos
    Give them their favorite foods and they’ll grow stronger
  • Enter weekly contests and tournaments
    Play with your friends to countless gamemodes
  • Flex your waifus on Discord using /profile
    Beautiful customizable profiles with waifu showcase
  • Built to make your experience more exciting.
    Use over 100 different actions to express your feelings
  • Global Economy & Leveling
    Collect Waifus on one Discord server and show them on another.
    Unlock badges, powerups and banners by leveling up!
Showcase An image showing 6 key features Events & Updates

Nezuko has events every month, and is in active development. Take a look at our Discord Community(Nezuko A&S)!

Getting Started

Want to try out Nezuko before adding it to your server? Click here to join the Nezuko Community Server to see it in action!

To play Nezuko,

  1. Click here to invite the bot to your server. Don’t uncheck any of the permission requests.
    You’ll need to be ‘Administrator’ or have the ‘Manage Server’ permission.
  2. (Optional) Create a new channel in your Discord server called #nezuko (or use any other name).
    Nezuko sends a lot of messages, so you’ll want them separate from your chat.
  3. Type /mission in a channel!
    This will start a task and you’ll need to finish it. You can also type /drop to allow drops to be spawned on a channel!
  4. Type /pull in the same channel
    You’ll receive a card, every new car gives you a random amount of MON(Moon Fragments). You can type /pull-special to get high-tier characters by using MON.
  5. (Optional) Something not working right? Type /report to report issues.
    The troubleshoot command will check the permissions. If you need more help, join the Community Server.