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Peepy Llama

Peepy Llama | Advanced Discord Economy bot

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 Made by ethanprimmer#0

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Peepy Llama


Built with Discord.JS Lines of Code

PeepyLlama, Discord Economy Bot an with extensive online user dashboard and website panel.

People Llama is a Discord Economy bot featuring Jobs, Items, Games, Pets, Trophies, Rewards and much much more! # HTTPS://PEEPY.INFO

  • Peepy discord bot has shareable online user profiles to share your in-game stats in real time! *

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💸 Currency
Command Usage
Active View the top most active bot users. You get more XP by typing in servers!
Adopt Adopt an available pet from the pet shop.
Apply Apply to work as any chosen occupation.
Balance Check a users balance.
Baltop Displays the global richest players.
Beg Ask some strangers for spare change.
Buy Buy an available item from a list of purchasable items.
Daily Collect your daily bonus.
Disown Give your beloved pet up for adoption...
Gift Give another player an item that you own.
Give Pay some of your balance to another player.
Inventory Lift of items a user has in their inventory.
Jobs View full list of available work.
Leaderboard Displays current leaderboard types.
Pet Check statistics about your/another players pets.
Petshop List of all available pets to adopt.
Rank Shows your current level, XP and position on the rankings.
Resign Leave your job.
Rob Steal another players hard earned money.
Sell Sell an item from your inventory.
Shop Buy an item for your inventory.
Shoutout Shoutout another YouTuber (Requires YouTuber job)
Use If an item is useable, lets you use it. (Gift Boxes)
Work Do your job!

🎲 Games
Command Usage
Connect4 Play a game of connect 4 against an opponent.
Doubleornothing Test your luck, double... or loose the amount of money you bet.

Command Usage
Help List of all commands.
Invite Send the bots invite URL as an embed to the chat.
Passive Enables Passive mode so the user cannot rob or be robbed.
Profile Send selected users website profile in chat.