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Autumn Bot Avatar
Autumn Bot
 In 141  Servers
 Votes 14

I am a multipurpose bot with many features including(Utility, Security, Moderation, Setup Roles, Fun, Giveaways, Welcomer and much more.

Astra Avatar
 In 89  Servers
 Votes 4

Astra est un bot certifié multifonction pour vous permettre de mieux gérer vos serveurs et d'interagir avec vos membres !

GoH Avatar
 In 560  Servers
 Votes 8

GoH - a new journey across the universe!

DittoBOT Avatar
 In 1600  Servers
 Votes 115

[Gen 9 Added] The most in depth and fully featured Pokemon themed discord bot. 6v6 PvP dueling, abilities/moves/secondary's working.

FlashFormat Avatar
 In 133  Servers
 Votes 5

This bot is a simple channel formatting tool for your server!Just change the format of your channels with one click!

Trade Hub Avatar
Trade Hub
 In 2190  Servers
 Votes 19

A platform for stocks/options & crypto traders | Trade tracking & sharing, copy-trading, real market data, analyst tools, and so much more.

Rollabout Avatar
 In 3040  Servers
 Votes 26

Rollabout is a simple, but powerful Discord bot for online tabletop gaming sessions.

ToD Avatar
 In 100  Servers
 Votes 2

ToD is a bot that generates random truths or dares to allow consumers to have fun with family and friends!

Asura Beta Avatar
Asura Beta
 In 94  Servers
 Votes 3

Asura has Memes, Profiles, Levels, Music, Moderation, Fun, Games and a ton more! MEE6, Dyno, Dank Memer, Groovy all in one!

NuageBleu Avatar
 In 98  Servers
 Votes 11

L'excitation d'écouter de la musique non-stop 24h/24 et 7j/7. Écouté la musique de dizaines de plates-formes audio prises en charge.