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Euphoria is a bot with some cool features.It has Moderation, Music, Leveling, Utilities and Fun commands.Invite link- https://bit.ly/3m6cpSXSupport...

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 Made by awyukt#0

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Euphoria Everything you need.

So, Basically what i'm trying to do is, building a discord bot with All-in-One featues. What we have done till now:

Moderation: &ban - Ban a user &kick - Kick a user &warn - Warn a user &purge - Delete Messages quickly from a channel &tempmute - Mute a member temporarily &lock - Lock a channel &unlock - Unlock a channel &slowmode - Add slowmode to a channel &role - Give user a role &userinfo - Gives information of a user &nickname - Set nickname for a user

Music Commands &play - Plays a music &pause - Pauses a music &resume - Resumes a music &volume - Change volume of current music &replay - Replay a song &seek - Change the seek of current music &queue - Check the songs in playlist &now - Shows the current song &skip - Skip the current song in playlist &remove - Remove a song in playlist &save - Save a song to your dm

Giveaway &gcreate - Create a giveaway &greroll - Reroll a giveaway &gend - Stop a giveawawy

Economy &work - You can earn money from this command &balance - Shows your current bank balance &withdraw - Withdraw money to your wallet &deposit - Deposit money to your bank &give - Give someone money

Fun commands &meme - Posts a meme &fact - Sends a random fact "e - Sends a random quote &snipe - This command shows the latest deleted message in a text channel &calc - Shows calulator &avatar - Shows a user's avatar &invite - Sends bot's invite link &suggest - Sends a suggestion &help - Shows this command &serverinfo - Shows the server's information &deadchat - Sends a funny message to keep the chat alive &loved - Remember that you're loved! &dog - Posts a dog's picture &cat - Posts a cat's picture &wanted - Posts a wanted poster with your pfp in it

Leveling &rank - Check your rank &leaderbaord - Shows global leaderboard More commands Soon

Utility &prefix - Delete messages quickly autorole - Using this command you can give the person a role when they join &logchannel - Set log channel for a server &welcomechannel - Set welcome channel