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Compete with other servers to count as high as possible. Same as the other counting bot but without saves.

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 Library DiscordGo

 Made by quaaack#0

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  1. Use /setchannel to set a counting channel.
  2. Start counting in that channel.

Join the Discord if you have any questions.

User Commands

  • /leaderboard - View various leaderboards.
  • /stats - View counting stats.
  • /setchannel - Set the counting channel.
  • /togglemaths - Enable/disable counting using maths.
  • /failrole - Set a role you would like to assign to a user when they miscount.
  • /calc - Calculate maths.


  • This bot does not have saves. If you mess up, you have to start again from zero.
  • This counting bot has saves.

Counting Rules

  • One person can't count two numbers in a row.
  • No botting.

Made by Duck#0001