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An easy-to-use leveling bot with leaderboard, custom banners, prestige roles, unlockable emojis, multipliers and configurable restrictions.

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 Library discord.js

 Made by hellshowers#0

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Levely is an advanced leveling discord bot, allowing Server Owners to fully manage and customize a comprehensive leveling system in their discord guild.
Levely has a quick setup with a few easy steps.


  • /help
  • View all the commands and arguments.
  • /profile
  • Check out your profile statistics.
  • /import
  • Import from other discord bots like Mee6 and others.
  • /leaderboard
  • Check out the top members in the discord servers level.
  • /settings
  • Setup your servers banners, rewards, and other things.
  • /manage
  • Manage users XP/Levels.
  • /setup
  • Quick solution for setting up Levely within 30 seconds.
  • /opt
  • Opt in or out of Levely storing your data.
  • /language
  • Change the bots language to your servers preference.


  • Q: Does it cost to use Levely?
  • A: Levely is a free to use discord bot with an optional subscription to have additional features (invite).
  • Q: Can I have rewards depending on the Level?
  • A: Yes you can by typing "/settings rewards" and setting up a reward like a role to be given depending on there level.
  • Q: Can I import to Levely from other bots?
  • A: Yes you can by using our handy dandy /import command.



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