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Season 3 is live! A Bot Featuring Anime Character Collection, Titan Raids, Global Economy, Fun Minigames, and more!

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Popular Features

  • Gacha System
  • Fun Minigames
  • Gambling
  • Competitive Leaderboards and Rewards
  • Fun Global Economy
  • Cooperative Quests

Type .pf to create a profile and get started!

If you would like to look at the full list of commands Sasha has, please type .phelp.

Link to the official support Discord:

Tato Land

Gacha Commands

.pgacha <anime> <option> - Use this command to summon characters!

  • Anime
    • AoT
    • Overlord
    • Danmachi
  • Option
    • single
    • multi
    • mticket
    • sticket


.hangpotato | .hp
Guess your favorite animes with this hangman feature!
Currently over 500 anime in the database

.hotpotato <bet>
Play hotpotato with your friends!
Minimum 3 users to start the game.

.fishing | .fish
Fish for a chance to win potatoes!

.scratch <bet>
Enter three number 1 ~ 9 for a chance to multiply your bet!

.guessthepotato <bet> | .gtp <bet>
Guess a number 1 ~ 3 for a chance to multiply your bet!

.plottery | .pl
Play for a chance to steal potatoes from a global bank!

.potatorace | .prace
Win materials in this minigame! More rewards with more players!