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Shinobu is and always will be a simple but beautiful bot that brings Shi music to your Discord server for free with no lag!

 Prefix /

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by mymarius#0, akif9748#0

 In 1280 Servers

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📢 Updates & Support

🌐 Website

🛠 Shinobu & Command

    /autoplay, /back, /favorite, /favorites, /favorites_play, /filters, /help, /info, /leave, /list, /loop, /lyrics, /nowplaying, /pause, /play, /playlist_create, /playlist_delete, /playlist_play, /playlists, /resume, /search, /seek, /skip, /sponsor, /translators, /volume.

    Get a Premium for better performance and quality music enjoyment!

      /playlist_create, /playlist_delete, /playlist_play, /playlists, /favorites_play, /filters.

      Did you know that Shinobu bot also has a control panel!

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