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Unavailable for Comment

Rick-Roll Detector, Economy, Mafia, Tic Tac Toe, Server Game Tournaments, Moderation, Polls, Quizzes, Battleships... and more!

 Prefix ~

 Status online

 Library discord.py

 Made by codebyte#0

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Unavailable for Comment is full of features, including:

- Tic Tac Toe / Noughts and Crosses

  • Play vs Computer, vs your friends, or create an automated in-game tournament

    - RickRoll Detector

  • Stop RickRolls instantly by enabling this feature (~antirickroll on)

    - Mafia

  • Play mafia on your server with at least 5 friends

    - Economy

  • Play an economy game with your server and get rich!

    - Auto-Moderation

  • Prevent swearing on your server by enabling this feature. Options are available to automatically mute this person if required and enabled (~moderation on & ~automute on)

    - Auto-Roles

  • Automatically give people a role when they join your server (~autorole @role)

    - Welcomes Channel

  • Automatically post welcome messages to this channel when a new member joins your server (~welcomeschannel #channel)

    - Polling

  • Create a multiple choice poll for your server

    - Quizzes

  • Create a multiple choice quiz, and export it to play with your friends!

Have an Idea?

DM the bot or join the support server to explain. Any suggestions have the potential to appear on future bot versions

The bot's website can be found here.

It may contain some helpful information although please see the bot's help screen for important information

Getting Started

Instructions are automatically sent on the server, or you can use the information below: Once you've invited the bot, the bot should automatically send a message in the server to confirm that it has been added.

Configuration Command

When you first add the bot, you will wish to run ~configureserver. This shows all the available customisation commands, and if the bot joined your server previously it can set your default settings if none exist. Follow the prompts the configure your server with the desired settings, and you're done!

Prefix: ~

The prefix can be changed using ~prefix newprefixhere.

Feature Requesting

Please dm the bot if you wish to request a feature, or use ~reportproblem. Since this bot is still being developed, suggested features may be added to the bot. You can also join the support server to request features.

The following is a list of all available commands at the time of writing:

Commands - General

Commands are written using the default prefix. If you are using a custom prefix, please remember that the bot will then only respond to that prefix, so substitute for ~.

~r Repeats the previous message

~scan [limit(optional)] Scans the channel for expletives

~link Displays a link on the screen (totally not a rickroll)

~votewin [winning votes] Changes the number of votes to win an election Elections are started by reacting to a message with a 👍 emoji.

~version ~info Displays version info

~hello Simple response algorithm

~help ~commands Displays useful help and command info


~reportnews [description] Reports breaking news through title and message -- Available in bot version 4.6.4 onwards: 11/10/2020+ This feature was originally ~report and ~bn

Game - Mafia

~help mafia Help Screen for mafia

~register mafia Registers for the mafia game

~lobby mafia Shows who is in your servers mafia lobby

~startmafia Starts the mafia game

~leave mafia Leaves the mafia lobby

Game - Economy

~register economy Registers to the economy. Game economy must be specified since the register command is used for multiple games.

~account economy Shows your economy account

~ecovillage Shows the economy village slide

~buyshare Buys a share

~sellshare Sells a share

~stock Shows the stock market

~stockgraph Shows a graph of the current stock trends

~assassinate [player] Assassinates a game player (NB command currently undergoing maintenance, disabled)

~bribe Bribes someone for an unknown reward

Game - Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)

~plaync {gamemode=normal} Play against AI, mode is optional. Modes are normal and hard when specified.


This feature enabled you to create, play and publish quizzes onto your server's quiz list. To get started, create a draft quiz, using:

~createquiz quiztitle

This creates a blank template. To add a question, use the command below:

~addquestion questiontitle;correctanswer;incorrectanswer1;incorrectanswer2; etc...

You can add up to 15 other incorrect answers, that will come up in the multiple choice selection. The result of the above on quiz performance would look like below:


A - incorrectanswer2

B - correctanswer

C - incorrectanswer1

(order of options is shuffled).

Once you've created a quiz draft, or partially edited the draft, save the draft using:


This saves the draft of this quiz. You must save it or risk losing it if the bot restarts Note to play this quiz you must export it first. Use:

~exportquiz. This exports the quiz into your server's quiz list. Note this action removes this as a draft. To import the quiz back as a draft and for editing, use:

~importquiz title

This imports the quiz as a draft so you can edit it. Exporting it again will automatically update any old versions of this quiz in your server.

Note whatever server you are on, you will still have access to your open draft. This enables transfer of quizzes between servers.

Note you cannot edit quizzes that you haven't made. This is to prevent leaked answers.

The commands below are in addition to those mentioned above (this is not a complete commands list). Exported Quiz Commands:

To view the available quizzes to play on your server, use:


If you're a server administrator, you can remove any unwanted quizzes from your server's list using:

~removequiz quizname

To start a quiz:

~startquiz name secondsperquestion

To see quiz answers:

~quizanswers quizname

Quiz Editing Tool Commands

To delete your current quiz draft:


To remove a question from your draft:

~removequestion question-number

To get the question number, run ~quizanswers.

Votes and Polls

Please note that commands labelled differently as votes and polls are part of separate systems, and function entirely differently.

Polling For creating multiple choice options lists: ~createpoll polltitle; option1; option2; option3 etc Creates a poll with title polltitle. Max 18 options or message limit. This feature is not affected by votewin and is not announced.

Upvotes/Downvotes These are primarily reliant on upvotes and downvotes, using 👍 and 👎 as the only emotes allowed. To start voting, react to a message with 👍 or 👎 and it is immediately classified as a voting message.

You must setup the following before using the vote feature: ~votingresults #channel Sets the channel where winning votes will be posted to. See ~settings channels for documentation on using this and subscription channels. ~votewin [amount] Sets the amount of upvotes for a vote to be declared a success and over (providing that there are more upvotes than downvotes). Once its reached this limit it will be posted to your voting results channel. For more documentation on uses of ~votewin, please see ~settings other.

Problem Reporting

~reportproblem [issue] This directly reports to the developement team.


~weather [location] Returns the weather at the given location

Live Trains

~trains [station name / code] Returns live trains at the given location (UK). Use station code if the station is not found.

~alltrains [time] [stations] (for trainspotting) Time should be of length 4, 24 hour time, and with ':' Returns all the trains from the station, including nonstop, and freight. Non-booked services will not be shown

Server Settings and Configuration

~configureserver Sets settings to default if settins have not been configured previously

~settings View all settings

Follow the instructions in ~configureserver to use the following and your server MUST be configured to use these settings below. Note please see ~settings also - this will give you more specific documentation than what is found below

~prefix newprefixhere Changes the bot's prefix to whatever is put in the space of newprefixhere

~botupdates {channel mention} Channel mentioned here will be updated with the latest bot updates and announcements

~votingresults {channel mention} Channel mentioned here will be updated with the latest voting results. Set voting limit using ~votewin [limit] A vote is started when a message is reacted to with a 👍

~welcomeschannel {channel mention} Channel mentioned here will be updated with members arriving and leaving (welcome messages channel)

~auditchannel {channel mention} Channel mentioned here will be updated for audit messages: message edits, bulk message deletion & user bans

~serverannouncements {channel mention} Server announcements such a new channel will post to the channel mentioned here

~talkmode {ON/OFF} Turns talk mode on/off (discontinued feature, still available for use. It does not support much talking)

~antispam {ON/OFF} Turns anti-spam on and off

~trackpresence {ON/OFF} Turns presence tracking on/off. Presence tracking allows for the bot to provide graphs on which user spends the most time online. Note if activation fails you must apply to use this feature. Please dm the bot and request access if you want to use this feature. To view the results of this feature, use ~onlinegraph.

~createmute Creates a mute role

~mute [usermention] Mutes the user mentioned (they can not send messages in any channel)

~unmute [usermention] Unmutes the user mentions

~muted ~mutes Shows which users have been muted

~lockchannel ~unlockchannel Opens / locks a channel for @everyone to send a message

~mybirthday dd/mm Sets your birthday on the bot (for birthday roles)

~birthdayrole @rolemention Sets the role to give people when its their birthday

~botperms Displays the permissions you have granted the bot in your server

Game - War

The aim of the game is to kill all the other game players ASAP. The longer you wait, another player might have just got stronger.

~join Joins the battle

~fight [@Target] Fights a virtual player

~market View what supplies are available to buy at the market

~buy [item] Purchases an item from the marketplace (~market for more info)

~lb battle Shows the leaderboards

To report an issue to the development team, please use ~reportproblem issue.

Please use the help screen on the bot for more information.