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konnichiwa, watashi wa lollipop desu! I am an anime/manga discord bot which provides with fun commands!

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Lollipop is at your service! 🍭

konnichiwa, watashi wa lollipop desu

Lollipop is an anime/manga discord bot which allows any user to search for an anime or a manga from the web and get the results on discord and has many features like fun roleplay commands, useful utility commands and other fun commands. Bot Invite Link - Discord Server


  • Anime/Manga/Character Search
  • Random Anime Generator
  • Random Anime Quote Generator
  • Random Anime GIF Generator
  • Top Anime Leaderboard
  • Anime Series Statistics
  • Anime/Character Picture Generator
  • Anime News
  • Anime Themed Roleplay
  • Anime Themed Strategy Game
  • and many more fun and useful commands!

(English is the only language available currently.)

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