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The Discord bot with a custom-made social network.

 Prefix c?

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 Library discord.js

 Made by dillon09302#0

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Welcome to the future.

ContentHelper is a modern Discord bot with many features. Be able to:

  • Search for YouTube/Twitch channels, or Twitch streams.
  • Be able to play music in your server, and even livestreams, without major stutter.
  • Be able to have a profile, edit it, post to your timeline, look at a servers page, and much more, with our SOCI.AL API. (Currently in beta)

NOTE: All commands listed may not be fully functional. Please refer to our Medium blog for more info.

Commands (Functional Commands for all users)

Command Description Category
c?botrix [getuser/getbot] [bot/user id] Be able to fetch data from one of the bot lists that we are on, Botrix. General
c?boo [@user] Spook your friends for Halloween! General
c?randomanime gets a random anime picture. (Safe for Work) General
c?loop Loops the current song, or the queue. Type the command again to disable. Music
c?lyrics Gets lyrics to the current song. Music
c?np Find out what's playing, and how much time is left. Music
c?pause Pauses the song. Music
c?play Play's a song by YT link, or song name. Music
c?queue Find out the servers queue. Music
c?remove [queue number] Removes a song from the queue. Music
c?resume Resumes the song. Music
c?search [query] Search for a song by the specified query. Music
c?shuffle Shuffle's the queue. Type the command to disable. Music
c?skip Skips the current song. Music
c?skipto [queue number] Skips to a specific song in the queue. Music
c?stop Stop's the song, and disconnects. (WIP) Music
c?volume Changes the song volume from 100 to anywhere from 1-100. Music
c?clearfeed Deletes all posts you write. SOCI.AL
c?feed [@user] Get your feed, or someone elses. SOCI.AL
c?follow <@user> Follow a user. SOCI.AL
c?like [@user] Like your post, or another users. SOCI.AL
c?pedit [key] [input] Edit your profile. (WIP) SOCI.AL
c?profile [@user] Get your profile, or another users. SOCI.AL
c?screate Creates your profile. Use this before any other command. SOCI.AL
c?server [server id] Find out info about your server, in a nice picture. (WIP) SOCI.AL
c?ig [Instagram username] Search for a user on Instagram by their username. Social
c?spotfiy [@user] Find out what a user is listening to on Spotify. (WIP) Social
c?yt [channel name] Find out info about a specified YT channel. Social
c?randomidea Get a random idea for content. Social
c?tchannel [channel name] Get info on a specified Twitch channel. Social
c?tstream [channel name] Get info on a specified Twitch channel's stream. Social
c?help (WIP) Brings up a reaction menu. Click the buttons to page though the menus. Utility
c?info Invite the bot to your server, join our support server, or check out the Trello roadmap. Utility
c?stats Find stats about the bot. Utility
c?vote Vote for ContentHelper using the provided bot lists. Utility
c?whois [@user] Find out your info, or someone elses. Utility
c?setup Setup your server with ContentHelper. Use this when you add our bot. Admin
c?config Configures your server. (Only setpchannel works currently. This changes were new posts go.) Admin

Trello Roadmap | Medium Blog