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A comprehensive whitelist system for servers to be able to prevent unauthorized users from joining your community (Beta Phase).

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 Library discord.py

 Made by very.dead_inside#0

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A comprehensive and thoroughly maintained whitelist system that will protect your community from users who try to join without being invited. You will no longer have to pause your invites or delete your invites to prevent new users from joining, our bot includes slash commands and forms. You can set a whitelist request channel for new requests, set a channel for direct messages that aren't able to be sent to new members (DMs blocked / Bot Blocked), clean multiple channels on a rolling basis and set a custom message. Set a panel message to enable or disable the whitelist system entirely in your community, and many more cool and unique features!

You must DM dread#1337 on discord to have your server whitelisted to use our bot. The whitelist system is in it's beta phase, and it will be free FOREVER. No down-time, and 24/7 support in /cartel.