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Ninja Bot

A Open Source Discord Moderation and Economy bot

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 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by therealtoxicdev#0

 In 6 Servers

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Ninja Bot

Discord Server Moderation at its Best.

Known Bugs

  • When the bot first joins a guild you need to @Ping it to allow it to set the DB for your guild.

Command Help

help | >help


  • (Default)

  • prefix - Changes the prefix

Custom AI

  • Currently Disabled

Automation Features

  • Custom Welcome Messages

  • Custom Leave Messages

  • Anti Raid Protection

  • Anti Join Protection

  • Content/Message Filter

Moderation Features

  • Ban Users + Advanced Logs

  • Kick Users + Advanced Logs

  • Hackban Users not in the Server

  • Warn Users + Warn Tracker & Logs

  • Database Implementation for all Features.

Fun Features

  • Slap A User

  • Trigger A User

  • Delete A User

  • Snipe A User

  • Waste A User

Gambling Features

  • Flip a Coin

  • Place a Bet

  • Play Roulette

  • Go to Work (Chance of Fines)

  • Rob a User or Bank

Leveling Features

  • XP System

  • Profile System

  • Gain XP for Messages

  • Leaderboard System

  • Profile Badges/Achievements