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FireFly is a Moderation, Social and Fun based bot. Just type $help to get a list of his commands.

 Prefix $ (can be

 Status online

 Library other

 Made by dinottin#0

 In 448 Servers

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Command List

🛠️ Utility 🛠️

$commands, $config, $invites, $poll, $random, $role, $server

⚔️ Moderation ⚔️

$ban, $clear, $info, $kick, $softban, $unban

🤖 Bot 🤖

$contact, $help, $stats, $vote

😋 Fun 😋

$avatar, $countdown, $math, $meme, $notexist, $short, $weather

🎲 Games 🎲

$coinflip, $tictactoe

💎 Premium 💎

$level, $premium

(!) The ADMINISTRATOR permission is needed for some commands (!)