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A Discord Music Bot With Many Awesome Features, support, Dj System, Music System, 24/7 for free ,Support Many Sources, Customizable Settings and Ma...

 Prefix +

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by nick__fury#0

 In 692 Servers

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⚪ Everyone commands

help, invite, ping, player, stats, support, vote

⚪ DJ commands

bassboost, nightcore, speed, treblebass, vaporwave, autoplay, clear, forward, loop, pause, previous, remove, replay, resume, rewind, search, seek, shuffle, skip, stop, volume, leave

⚪ Admin commands

247, announce, dj, prefix, setup

⚪ Music commands

autoplay, clear, forward, join, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, previous, queue, remove, replay, resume, rewind, search, seek, shuffle, skip, stop, volume, leave

Type '?help ' for details on a command

Music Sources or Bot info

•Spotify: You can play music from Spotify by providing a valid Spotify track/playlist/album URL.

•SoundCloud: You can play music from SoundCloud by providing a valid SoundCloud track URL.

Support Information

•Support Server: Join Now: Join our server for additional support, updates, and community discussions.

•Invite the bot to your server: ₦ł₵₭ ₣ɄⱤɎ: Meet the developer behind this bot! You can reach out to them for support, feedback, or collaboration. Click their profile picture to visit their Discord profile.

•Bot Version: This bot is currently running version 1.7.0. Stay updated with the latest features and improvements!,

•GitHub Repository: Bot Repository.

•Prefix: The bot's prefix is +, which you can use to interact with it in your server. You can customize the bot's prefix to something else if it conflicts with other bots or commands in your server. To change the prefix, use +setprefix. For example, to change it to '!', use +setprefix !.

🔴 Currently I don't have slash commands but My devs will Add SoonJoin Our Support server For more updates.