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GoH - a new journey across the universe!

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 Library discord.py

 Made by deleted_user_b03fc95c1228#0, internet.exploit#0

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GoH is a great, new bot that will decorate your server! Our bot has a control panel and the website itself, where you can get acquainted with the information. The bot is completely rewritten into slash commands and contains about 80 commands. We have collected all the interesting, important commands that will be useful to you in the future! The bot also has its own documentation, where you can get acquainted with all the commands. Now I will tell you about all categories of the bot:

  • 💰 Economy. There is little functionality in our economy, but we have more than 50 jobs for which you can earn different amounts of money. We also have a leader board. The leader board is divided into 3 categories: Monetary, Experience, Active.
  • Filters. We have many different and sometimes funny filters that we have chosen for you. With these filters, you can make fun of your friends and make them laugh :)
  • 😂 Fun. There aren't many commands there, but I think there will be more of them over time.
  • 👮 Moderation. Normal, working moderation with a small but important set of commands.
  • 🖼️ Pictures. Here we have collected all the cute animals that make tears roll. Try them for sure!
  • 😇 Interactions. Finally, this is the most extensive category with a large number of commands. They are the largest number in the bot. We have collected all the emotions that you can experience on your server.
  • 🪓 Utilities. Utilities means utilities. But we have something interesting in this category, where not every bot has it. Guess.
  • ⚙️ The Control Panel. The functionality there is not great, but users can still use the control panel to configure their amazing server. I hope you enjoy the bot and its combine functions. Visit our technical support! Thanks!
    TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE, ENTER /setup language