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Tox Mod#6584 Avatar

Tox Mod

Discords newest most efficient Mod Bot

 Prefix tox.

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by Toxic Dev#5936, ☣ Tσxιƈ Dҽʋ ☣#7707

 In 87 Servers

 Votes 6

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Tox Mod

Discords newest most efficient moderation bot!, now featuring a dashboard, logging ,custom welcome messages, custom leave messages, auto roles, anti raid and more!

Useful Info

  • Tox Mod is configurable via the Dashboard.
  • Not Associated or Affiliated with Discord.


  • Ban
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • UnMute
  • Lockdown
  • Unlockdown And many more!

Full Commands List