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Connections Bot

A channel connection bot for Discord, talk in other servers without being in them!

 Prefix cb

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by MrTomato#9412

 In 2690 Servers

 Votes 1262

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Connections bot

This bot allows users to connect their channels with another server's channels, they will then have the same messages, pictures, videos, links, emojis, etc... displayed

Why this bot?

  • Low latency

  • Customizability

  • Updates frequently

  • Many features (roles, settings, channels)

  • Suggestions are all read and put into consideration

  • Cross server mentions (Try "&MrTomato#9412" and replace my tag with yours to ping yourself!)


Text example:

Webhook example:


  • Muting users

  • Full file support

  • Full emoji support

  • Channel nicknames

  • Server/User banning

  • Separate roles system

  • Multiple channel connections

  • Deleted messages will be deleted across all servers


Connecting a channel to another

To connect a channel to another, you must first create a "connection" using this command

cb create

This will allow you or others to connect their channel using your connection name


cb create myfirstconnection

You can connect a channel to a connection using:

cb connect <#textchannel>


cb connect #chat myfirstconnection

They will then have the same messages displayed


Connection settings can be modified through the settings command

Roles can be modified through the roles command

More details in the commands themselves

You can view all the commands in the bot's help command, or ask us in the support server!

Support server

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Join the support server!