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A fun and multipurpose bots with image manipulation, meme commands, random photos of dogs, cats, foxes, t

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 Made by nihalnavath#0

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DSW BOT - A little DAYUM

DSW Bot, the gamble for dcoins is on! A fun bot that has a lot of variety commands including economy, image manipulation, pictures of cat,dogs etc and more!

We have a prestige economy system that is fun, and being continuously developed!

Thousands of people know and use DSW!

Global leader board and local leader board!




Get Started!

Get started with *setup, here are some more economy commands.

setup - Get started!
beg The most basic ways to get dcoins
dig Another basic way to get started 👀
huntHunt for random items! (gets a random item available in shop) note: requires `net`
diveDive in the deep oceans and try your luck! note: requires dmask
shopSee the general dsw shop!
buyBuy something from the shop!
gpgbid with other player, the winner gets to keep it all!

For the full list see *help economy

don't like economy? try out our other fun commands!

We also have other unique prestige commands like -


Type racer command


animated pvp gif


Fight command

Here are some examples of image manipulation commands!

drake meme format

drake meme

Scroll of truth

Still searching meme format


And way more image manipulation commands!Type *help for the list of all commands.

example of some other Commands -
    • *help - Shows help message
    • *cat - Random picture of a meow
    • *dog - Random image of a doggo
    • *fox - Get a random floof boi
    • *google - Your text in google search bar
    • *meme - A random meme!
    • *wanted - Image Wanted person
    • *invite - Invite me to your server!
    • *fight - Test your fighting skills against a bot!
    • *pvp - Fight against another player!
    • *guess - Guess a number between 1 and 10
    • *rpg - Play a relaxing game of rock , paper scissors!

Invite the bot today to use all commands!