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A multi-purpose discord bot. Includes Logging, Welcomer, Slash Commands, Menu based Help Command and so much more!

 Prefix t!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by virusflauschi#0

 In 22 Servers

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Configurable Features You can customise Tutel to work according to your server! From Autorole to Welcomer, Logging to Reaction Roles, Custom Prefix to Custom Commands, we cover it all!

Music Features Tutel has alot of Music features as well! We have Reaction Controlled Music and a lot of interesting Musoc Commands!

Fun Commands Tutel Includes Fun Commands as well. There are bunch of fun commands you'll love to check out!

Images Commands Tutel got Image Manipulation Too? Yep! Why not? There are a bunch of Image Manipulation commands as well! Be sure to check them out!

Moderation Commands Tutel includes alot of Moderation Commands as well. Use them to keep your server clean and keep the discipline maintained!

Games Commands The Newest feature added to Tutel, The Games Section! Play retro games like Snake, Battleship etc, Reaction Controlled Akinator too! and alot of other games as well!

Information Commands Tutel has some Information Commands too, so you can have some info relating a user, server, our bot or even emojis!

Utility Commands Tutel has tons of utilites, which are going to be very useful for your Discord Server. From Creating Channels to Deleting Channels, Creating Roles to Deleting Roles, Tutel has them all!