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Easy to use Commands, Giveaways, Auto Moderation, Logging, Welcome Message & much more for free!

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 Made by jonasell#0

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About Wummy

🎉| Wummy V2 released!

⚫ You can see all commands in All Commands.

⚫ Check our Documentation to learn more about Wummy!

💙 | Start using Wummy!

Invite Wummy to your server

⚫ Setup Join/Leave message with /welcome

⚫ Add blacklisted words/links to your Automod with /automod

⚫ Set your Logging Channel with /modlog set #channel

⚫ Start using Wummy <3

🎈 | Slash Commands

If you don't see any slash commands, it's most likely because our bot doesn't have the required permissions to create slash commands. Invite our bot to your server again via this link. NOTE: You don't have to kick the bot from your server. The link gives him only the necessary permissions.