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noodles 🍜

Noodles 🍜 is a Discord bot with several Fun and Community Engaging commands with a few cool utility comm

 Prefix n!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by noodle8720#0, berksh#0

 In 29 Servers

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Improve your Community/Server with Noodles 🍜! Engage members with Fun commands and manage your server with customizable configuration!

Disclaimer: This bot is currently under active development but is slowed down for reliability.

Quick Reference Guide

Use n!help <CommandName> to get all the information about a command.

Voting gives you 100 bowls of noodles!

All generated content is insured to be Safe For Wumpus (SFW)
8ball - Ask the magic 8ball a question!
clap - CreateπŸ‘messagesπŸ‘withπŸ‘clapπŸ‘emoji'sπŸ‘betweenπŸ‘eachπŸ‘word
dadjoke - Generate a terrible dadjoke!
daily - Claim your daily noodles!
duel - Duel one of your friends in an intense battle!
f - F in the chat..
facepalm - Facepalm at someone being WeirdChamp.
fight - Fight someone in a battle to the death.
frog - Recieve a frog picture at your request!
headstails - Let the bot choose between heads or tails!
hug - Hug someone! Awww.
kiss - Kiss someone! Aww.
l - Give someone an L.
mock - moCk sOmeOnE.
neverhaveiever - Generate a Never Have I ever question!
noodles - Give someone noodles! (Economy-based)
rainbow - Place a rainbow filter over someone's profile picture!
reverse - Reverse your text. .txet ruoy esreveR\n
slap - Slap someone!
swagrate - Check how much swag someone has!
wanted - Generate a wanted image with someones profile picture.

avatar - View someones profile picture easier.
boosters - Check how many boosters and who is boosting the server.
embed - Create an embed on the bots behalf.
guildinfo - Information about the guild/server.
poll - Make a poll for people to vote on!
reveal - Reveal an image to be sent for approval and then sent to a channel!
say - Send a regular message on the bots behalf.
suggest - Suggest something which is sent to a channel!
userinfo - Information about a user!

config - Configure the servers configuration!
nickname - Change someones nickname!
purge - Delete up to 100 messages in milisecconds!
slowmode - Set a channels slowmode.

help - Command info.
invite - The links of the bot.
ping - Current Latency/API Latency for the bot.
report - Report a user mis-using the bot.
stats - Information about the bot.
uptime - How long the bot has been online.