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This bot is Multifunctional bot make by random kids

 Prefix &

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by !KohakuDev#0463

 In 99 Servers

 Votes 651

Prefix: &

Music Command 🎵

play - Play the Music

volume - Change Volume 1 - 9999999

queue - Check Music List

loop - Make The Music Play Loop

resume - Resume the Music

skip - Skip the Music

clear-queue - Clear the queue

pause - Pause Music

nowplaying - Check the Music What Ayaka Playing Now

stop - Stop the music

Fun Command 🎲

8ball - I dont know how to explain

avatar - Check Avatar Pictures

coinflip - Flip a Coin

roll - Roll a Dice

rps - Rock paper scissors

meme - Random Meme

Utility Command 👩‍🔧

covid - Check Covid Thailand

covidall - Check Covid Earth

ping - Check Ayaka Ping

debug - Check Ayaka Connecting Channel

serverinfo - Check Server Information

botinfo - Check Ayaka Information

uptime - Check Uptime Ayaka

userinfo - Check Member Information

Filter Command 🧯

bassboost - Make the Music Bass like Russian Music

treble - Make the Music Sound Clearly

reverse - Make the Music Reverse

subboost - Make Music little BassBoost

8D - Make Music surrounding

nightcore - Make Music like anime song

Mod Commands 📢

ban - Ban Member

kick - Kick Member

cooldown - Cooldown Chat

purge - Delete Message

⛏️ Minecraft Commands

mcstatus - Check the Server Minecraft Bedrock & Java

skinmc - Check Skin Minecraft Java Players

🚫 Nsfw Commands

hentai - Hentai Pictures

rule34 - Search Rule34 Thing

hentaigif - Hentaigif Pictures