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Multifunctional bot with many useful and necessary features for you and your server

 Prefix f!

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by nubovik#0, redguyer#0

 In 604 Servers

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Bot features

  • Help: You can help the project with the donate, bug and idea teams.

  • 🤬 Administration: Punish violators with bans and kicks and remove bad messages. You can also say something on behalf of the bot or set a slow mode.

  • 💰 Economy: In the bot you can fish, dig resources, steal snus and coins, cut down a tree, go to school, work as a janitor / hacker / robber, play dice / snake / roulette, collect coins from the money tree, include reports of rising levels and much more ...

  • ℹ Information: You can view all kinds of information, such as player statistics from the VimeWorld, Hypixel, RedGuy server or information about any Minecraft server. Also information about the user / group VKontakte, find out the IP address of the site and information about it through the checkip command.

  • 🖼 Photo filters: You can apply a black and white effect or a fisheye on the photo. You can apply effects such as rainbow, triggered and wasted to the user's avatar.

  • 🍭 Fun: Realized a few fun things like teams with pictures of cats, dogs, foxes and 7 more animals! In the bot you can play in demand, turn the text backwards and forwards, read quotes, ask the ball a question. There are also a few RP commands

  • 🔞 NSFW: I don't think it's necessary to say that :)

  • 📂 Miscellaneous: You can see in discord how much is left until the new year, weather, COVID-19 statistics and Wikipedia.

    ⚙ Settings: Customize the language and prefix for yourself!