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Hunter Bot

This bot has almost all you're looking for!

 Prefix @mention

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 Library Discord.js

 Made by 3steb4n28#0

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The best multipurpose discord bot is here!

The best multipurpose discord bot is here, offering you:

  • Economy System
  • Moderation System
  • Music System
  • Welcomer System
  • Snipe and Esnipe System
  • Music System

With Hunter Bot, you got the best welcomer system which can be 100% customisable per guild! You can customize the footer, description, and embed color!

What other great stuff does Hunter Bot offers us?

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Hunter bot offers you a great warnings system which also saves the reason for the warning! You can use h!warn (username, mention or ID) [reason], while using the username to warn, ban or kick a user it may be unstable, specifically if your server has more than 100 servers, user ID is the fastest way! Please note that all the commands (ban, kick, warn, reset-warns, warns) support the username, user ID or mention function!

Ok great now, what can we expect from economy?

Well, economy offers you beg, search and work command, in which soon you'll be able to select a job! You can also check your money by running h!bal!

And, the other categories?

With music, you got the best music system! By using h!play you can either provide a YouTube URL or a name! When the music starts playing the bot will send a embed message in which you can control the music!

With snipe, or esnipe, you can see the most recently deleted or edited message, the author and the author icon! This feature was meant for you to not escape a rule breaker!

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