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Among Bot

Among Us Bot for smaller servers, moderation, fun, and economy bot.

 Prefix among!

 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by mqrkelich#0

 In 231 Servers

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Among Bot

Among Us Bot have a lot of commands, see more info down!

Invite Among Us Bot

If you need any help type : among!help !

Info : You can see info about among us game, and other stuff!

Moderation : Basic Commands for moderation, and game among us, commands like among!muteall and other!

Economy : Some cool commands for economy, we have leaderboard and maybe some prizes for first place coming soon!

Other Commands : There is some other fun commands just for fun, and other.

List of all commands : Click Here

Among Us Bot Informations

This bot is for smaller servers, its for fun and its cool for you and your friends. You can always use it and its very basic and good bot. Our bot is not verifed yet but its soon gonna be verifed. Thanks for inviting Among Us Bot to your server!